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Photo exhibition opens to celebrate Zhongshan Overseas Chinese Journal's 40th anniversary


The 12th "Zhongshan Overseas Chinese Day" approaches, and the Zhongshan Overseas Chinese Affairs Work Seminar was held at Golden Diamond Hotel on November 18, with over 40 participants.

At the seminar, experts discussed the future development of the Zhongshan Overseas Chinese Journal in terms of conducting overseas Chinese researches, mining cultural resources of Zhongshan as a hometown of overseas Chinese, exploring research value of the historical materials of the Journal, strengthening cooperation with international media, and, reinforcing team building.

The title of the Zhongshan Overseas Chinese Journal was written by Soong Ching Ling. The Journal was founded in 1981, and it was honored as an excellent journal for overseas Chinese in Guangdong. It has a good reputation among overseas Chinese of Zhongshan as "A Letter From Home".

A photo exhibition opened on the same day in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Zhongshan Overseas Chinese Journal. A total of 220 photos, divided into 9 categories, are displayed for visitors to look back on the Journal's development. The tour exhibition will be open to the public until December.

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