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Tourism Area of Sun Yat-sen's Hometown among Overseas Chinese International Cultural Exchange Bases of China

The All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese on September 2 confirmed the 9th batch of Overseas Chinese International Cultural Exchange Bases of China. The Tourism Area of Sun Yat-sen's Hometown made the list and helps Zhongshan bring back a national title of overseas Chinese cultural base for the first time.

This year, 5 organizations in Guangdong made the list, including the Tourism Area of Sun Yat-sen's Hometown in Zhongshan, Yanzhou Island in Zhaoqing, the Yong Qing Fang in Guangzhou, Tangkou Town in Kaiping, and the Yanfeng Museum in Chaozhou.

The head of the Zhongshan Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese said that in the future, they will actively organize a variety of cultural exchange activities for returned overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese making use of the cultural exchange base. They will also explore and set up a Zhongshan Overseas Chinese Culture Research and Exchange Center and organize culture forums to further promote Zhongshan city, the hometown of Sun Yat-sen and a well-known overseas Chinese hometown.

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