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Honorary Citizens

Since the policy of reform and opening to the outside, the city has valued advantages of a hometown of overseas Chinese and carried on those policies to them. In return, our city has gained the supports from them. Overseas Chinese and compatriots of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan have contributed a great deal to the economy of Zhongshan as well as other undertakings, though their donation and investment in the past twenty years. Zhongshan People's Government has brought forward The Program on Conferring the Title of Honorary Zhongshan Citizen to Overseas Chinese and compatriots of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan for Their Great Contributions and is going to confer the title of honorary Zhongshan citizen to Overseas Chinese and compatriots of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan for their great contribution in economic and cultural development of Zhongshan. This proposal was passed in the Twenty-Second Session of the Eighth Standing Committee of Zhongshan People's Conference. 

The Name List of Honorary Citizens:

1989: Huo Yingdong, Yang-guo Enci, Guo Desheng, Wu Guixian, Lin-yu Wenji, Chen Xinghai, Mai Kezhen, Li Li, Zheng Liangjun, Fang Ruoyu

1991: Cai Jiyou, Zhang Jin, Deng Dixin, Li Junju 

1992: Luo Weishuo, Lin Zhongqiao, Chen Yaoxing 

1994: Su Jicheng, Su Jitao, Liu Junwen, Wang Liwen, Zheng Guancong, Xie Shuowen, Li Wenbin, Liang Lin 

1997: Xie Guanhao, Li Guitian, Hu Shunqian, Li Sanyuan 

1999: Gu Runjin, Zheng Jia'an 

2000: Wang Zhongxi 

2002: Li Donghai, Wu Mingcun, Liang Yao 

2004: Guo Bingxiang, Guo Bingjiang, Guo Binglian, Yu Jinhuang, Xu Guowei 

2005: Yang Bi’er, Yang Bingjian, Yang Binggang, Yang Bingliang

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