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Yang Yin's former residence a Guangdong patriotism education base


In June this year, the Former Residence of Yang Yin was named by the Publicity Department of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee as a "Guangdong Patriotism Education Base", and the unveiling ceremony was held on August 1. Lin Ruixi, a Standing Committee member andPublicity Department director of the Zhongshan Municipal Party Committee, presented the flag to the representatives of the "Wanqing Lecturer Group" of the Department of Retirement Affairs of the Zhongshan Municipal Party Committee.

A theme reading activity called "Walking through the Hundred Years of Fighting and Reading Zhongshan's New Journey" was also launched on the same day. Guo Fangling, a member of the "Wanqing Lecturer Group", shared stories of revolutionary sites in Zhongshan.

Later, under the guidance of a young tour guide and a professional guide, participants visited the Former Residence of Yang Yin and the memorial exhibition for Yang Yin with the theme of "Defending Faith with Life". They also visited Sun Yat-sen Memorial Secondary School for immersion red education.

Visiting trips will be made to many key historical relics in Zhongshan including the former site of the Pearl River Column Command in Wuguishan District, Shangtang and Shuchong villages in South District, Lixi Village and the Shenwan Anti-Japanese Martyr Memorial Site in Banfu Town, the Shijun Revolutionary Construction Historical Sites Exhibition Hall and the marine erosion site in Huangpu Town, ect.

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