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Old documents found in an overseas Chinese residence


Kuchong Village in East District is the hometown of Chen Tianjue, the founder of Xiangshan County (Zhongshan). There are still a large number of watchtowers and residences belonging to overseas Chinese in this area now. Recently, a large number of documents and materials retained in an overseas Chinese residence that was built in 1936 were exposed to the public and attracted many local history and culture lovers.

The  overseas Chinese residence is a three-story building built in 1936 by its owner, who had moved to Canada in the 1930s.

Ms Chen, the provisional keeper, recently found a large number of old documents and materials while tidying up the house. After learning about this, Sunshine, a public benefit lover who has been engaged in the revitalization of overseas Chinese houses in Kuchong Village, contacted many parties in the hope of discovering the historical value behind these materials.

The documents included title deeds, bills, investment letters, rent logs, diaries, daily notes, letters and other materials that can reflect the historical times.

On the first 2 days of 2021, a group of history and culture lovers formed a cleaning group to voluntarily pack these documents with plastic bags. They suggested that these documents could be donated to the Zhongshan Archive for professional care and research, or kept by the owner or the agent for collation and research by folk culture conservationists and scholars.

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