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Teenagers have close communication with world-renowned violinist

An internationally-renowned young violinist Zhu Dan came to Shiqi Zhongxin Primary School on the afternoon of Jun. 8 and had close communication with 30 odd juvenile violinists there. He started his class in Zhongshan with a series of high art promotion activities.

To enhance teenagers' artistic accomplishment, Zhongshan Culture and Arts Center started in 2015 the "Teenagers' Artistic Accomplishment Enhancement Plan" by making use of existing advantages and platforms, cooperating with colleges, middle school, primary schools, and arts training schools, and by inviting artists to teach in schools. The "Teenagers' Artistic Accomplishment Enhancement Plan" has invited well-known pianist Wu Muye, An Ning, and so on to instruct teenagers or give them lectures in Zhongshan. The plan is quite popular with teenage art lovers. Based on rich resources of artists, Zhongshan Culture and Arts Center builds bridges between artists and teenagers.

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