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Drunken Dragon Culture Festival of the Western District inaugurated


The Third Zhognshan (Western District) Drunken Dragon Culture and Art Festival was held at Fuye Plaza.

Sponsored by the Regional Office of The Western District, the Third Zhognshan (Western District) Drunken Dragon Culture and Art Festival was held yesterday morning at Fuye Plaza. Municipal leaders Qiu Shuhong and Lei Biao attended the ceremony.

Drunken dragon culture is a folk art peculiar to Zhongshan. It is introduced that drunken dragon culture, which originated in Song Dynasty and became prosperous in Qing Dynasty, has a history of more than 700 years. Drunken dragon dance was quite popular in Zhongshan’s Changzhou, Zhangxi, and Shaxi areas, and spreaded to Macau in 1950s. In Jun, 2006, drunken dragon dance was listed as state-level intangible cultural heritage. Since 2008, the Western District has been holding the Drunken Dragon Culture and Art Festival. The activity has drawn great attention for the district. The Third Zhongshan (Western District) Drunken Dragon Culture and Art Festival aims to express the cultural value of drunken dragon, promote the morality cultivation activity, and improve the cultural influence of the Western District.

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