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Cuiheng New District retains enterprises with special service

"The Administrative Committee of Cuiheng New District has more than 100 investment projects in stock and 30 key projects under negotiation, and a large number of projects are in need of land, so it is pressing to vacate development space for outstanding industrial projects," said a head of the industrial park renovation headquarters of Cuiheng New District on the morning of December 19. At present, Cuiheng New District has 1,127.5 mu of land prepared for industrial park renovation, and the figure will exceed 1,200 by the end of the year.

According to Cuiheng New District's planning, some 11,870 mu of industrial land in the 8 industrial zones other than the Xiwan Biomedical Industrial Park will be included as land for industrial park renovation by the end of 2024. Several high-end industrial parks will be built there to attract a number of quality enterprises.

For the relocation of enterprises involved in industrial park renovation, Cuiheng New District has launched a housekeeper-type relocation service in time. "Nanlang Industrial Zone is among the first renovation projects, the housekeeper-type service is to meet enterprises' relocation needs and help them find plants for relocation in other areas in Nanlang District, so as to retain outstanding enterprises," said a head of the industrial park renovation headquarters of Cuiheng New District.

Statistics show that all the 54 enterprises involved have completed relocation, of which all the 7 enterprises above the designated size will stay in Zhongshan, and some outstanding enterprises plan to purchase new plants in the new parks.

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