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'Zhongshan Entrepreneurs' Day' to be set on Nov 1

The Regulations on Optimizing Business Environment of Zhongshan, drafted under the leadership of the Zhongshan Bureau of Justice, is one of Zhongshan's legislative planning projects. On May 25, the exposure draft of the document was published to solicit opinions from the public.Feedbackis welcomed before June 25.

The exposure draft includes 109 articles, which are divided into seven chapters: General Provisions, Protection of Market Entities, Public Service Environment, Market Environment, Financing Environment, Legal Environment, and Supplementary Provisions.

The first chapter, "General Provisions", includes the overall legislative purpose and basis, scope of applications, government integrity and etc. It is mentioned in this chapter that November 1 every year will be set as "Zhongshan Entrepreneurs' Day".

There are 38 provisions in Chapter Three, "Public Service Environment", which focus on building a fair, open, convenient, efficient government service system, and stipulate the standardization of government services, integration of online government services, and the optimization of government services, government data management, electronic licensing, and other content.

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