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Measures released to support projects in top 10 theme industrial parks

Taking industrial park renovation as the main field to promote industrial high-quality development, Zhongshan has planned ten 10,000-mu cross-regional theme industrial parks, covering such fields as new energy, healthcare medicine, smart home and new materials, with a total planned area of 272 square kilometers. Recently, the municipal government released a set of measures to support major projects in these ten theme industrial parks.

The 13 measures mention to provide support to major manufacturing projects and major capital increase and production expansion projects in the manufacturing sector approved to settle in Zhongshan's top ten theme industrial parks. These projects also need to be in line with the parks' development orientation, and at least have a newly increased investment in fixed assets of 1 billion yuan each.

In terms of fixed investment rewards, according to the newly increased fixed assets investments and R&D investments of newly introduced major industrial projects (excluding capital increase and production expansion projects), different rewards of up to 2 billion shall be granted. In terms of revenue breakthrough rewards, each leading enterprise that has achieved revenues of over 3 billion yuan to 50 billion yuan for the first time may receive a reward of 3 million yuan to 50 million yuan.

The measures provide guarantee to talents in several aspects. After major industrial projects are put into operation, within three consecutive fiscal years, each of core executive talents of enterprises whose pre-tax salary in the previous year was 300,000 yuan or more may receive a fixed-amount reward by class, and each enterprise shall have at most 10 talents entitled to a reward of up to 1 million yuan per person per year.

The measures specify each enterprise that has moved into a theme industrial park from outside Zhongshan may receive a lump sum reward after being recognized as a headquarters enterprise. Fortune Global 500 enterprises, China's top 500 enterprises and China's top 500 private enterprises may receive a reward of up to 100 million yuan, 30 million yuan and 20 million yuan respectively. Headquarters of A-share or H-share companies may receive a lump sum reward of up to 10 million yuan.

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