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Images: Industrial park renovation vacates space for industries

2022 marked the first year of Zhongshan's industrial park renovation campaign. The city reorganized over 14,000 mu of industrial land, over-fulfilling the annual target. The campaign helped make space for industrial investment and is expected to bring in new investment of 65 billion yuan.


Investment promotion has been completed for the four high-standard plant buildings, with a total floor area of 70,000 square meters, in the industrial park renovation project in Huazhong Road, Yongning Community. (Taken Jan 20, 2023 by Yi Chengle)


The construction site of the Haiwei Road Industrial Park, an industrial park renovation project in Xiaolan Town. (Taken Nov 15, 2022 by Yu Zhaoyu)


Deputies to the national, provincial and municipal people's congresses inspected the industrial park renovation in Torch Development Zone. (Taken Apr 19, 2022 by Wen Bo)


The project of Zhongshan Golife Garment Co Ltd in progress. (Taken Apr 2, 2022 by Yu Zhaoyu)


Staff members of the Guzhen Industrial Park Renovation Office conducted a survey on the construction of high-standard plant buildings at UMEC Science Park in Guzhen Town's Haizhou Village. (Taken Dec 17, 2022 by Lu Xingjiang)


A ceremony was held on Jan 4, 2023 for contract signing of investment projects and the commencement of the Chengyi Waisha Innovation City Phase 2 in Shenwan Town. Twelve projects will settle in Shenwan, with a total investment of 2.72 billion yuan. (By Wen Bo)


A scene of the demolition of low-efficiency industrial plant buildings in Guangcheng Road Industrial Park in Jiuzhouji, Xiaolan. (Jan. 4, 2022 Xia Shengquan)


The construction site of an industrial park renovation project in Banfu Town. (Taken Nov 15, 2022 by Miao Xiaojian)


Phase 1 of the renovation of Jinchang Industrial Park in West District started construction on Dec 29, 2022. (By Wen Bo)


A drone view of Guanglin Electric Appliances' industrial park in Huangpu Town. (Taken Jan 20, 2023 by Yi Chengle)

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