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'Shaxi Day' shines at Guangdong Fashion Week


To promote quality garment products made in Zhongshan's Shaxi Town to global consumers, the Guangdong Fashion Week (Spring Session) "Shaxi Day" event was held in Guangzhou on March 23.

As the only event named after an area during the Guangdong Fashion Week (Spring Session), "Shaxi Day" brought together outstanding clothing brands and manufacturers in Shaxi, including Tonvex, Bongwer, Weixi, Junyi, Muse Garment, Lixing, Ruicheng, Caisedi, Chinese Suit, Yuanyi, Jinding, etc.

The event delivered a series of activities, including exhibitions on clothing brands and high-end makers, forum on high-quality development of the garment industry, promotion conference for the garment industry, etc.

Shaxi Clothing is a brilliant brand of Zhongshan. Each year, Shaxi produces up to 330 million pieces of knitted clothing, accounting for 9.3% of Guangdong's total clothing output. Shaxi-made clothing products sell well in Asia, Africa, Europe and America, and now large clothing enterprises in Shaxi turn out up to 90,000 pieces a day.

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