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Small firm at forefront of medical device manufacturing


After face recognition, one can access the office building that is connected to the production workshop. The newly-built WD Science Park takes on a modern atmosphere in all aspects.

In February 2023, Zhongshan World Medical Instruments Co Ltd (WD) located in the South China Modern TCM City, Nanlang District, held the relocation ceremony and the launch ceremony of the WD Science Park.

"Our company, established in 2007, previously rented a plant, now with our own, we can better plan for the future," said Xia Tiezheng, marketing chief at WD.

As a micro and small start-up, WD has adopted innovation-driven development strategy since moving into the South China Modern TCM City in 2012. The company has sold its products to all parts of the country, as well as countries and regions including the EU, South America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Africa. It also develops longstanding partnerships with top medical device consumable manufacturers in the world.

The South China Modern TCM City is a major carrier for the development of Zhongshan's biomedical and health industry. It has brought in a number of high-end projects, and WD is a representative of medical device manufacturers in the park.

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