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Guarantee-free service eases enterprises' burden

Recently, the first processing trade handbook of Express LUCK Industrial (Zhongshan) Co Ltd has been approved by Zhongshan Customs, marking the official launch of the company's processing trade business and its access to preferential bonding policies.

The handbook records imported bonded materials worth US$ 610 million. After a risk assessment, Zhongshan Customs exempted the company from a risk guarantee of approximately 460 million yuan for its first processing trade practice.

Express LUCK Industrial (Zhongshan) Co Ltd was founded and settled in Minzhong District in 2020. It is a home and consumer electronics manufacturer mainly engaged in the production, design and development of LCD screens, digital televisions and others. The Express LUCK Zhongshan Science Park's annual output value can reach 10 billion yuan at its full capacity.

"Since the Express LUCK Zhongshan Science Park broke ground, Zhongshan Customs has visited us many times and tailored solutions for us," said Zhao Shanhua, customs manager of Express LUCK Industrial (Zhongshan) Co Ltd. "It was smooth for us to obtain a qualification for the new plant and approval for the handbook, making it faster to put the park into operation."

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