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One-off application for business start-up in Zhongshan

The Zhongshan Business Start-up Terminal has been continuously optimized since its launch on June 28, 2020. Improved functions make Zhongshan the first in Guangdong to realize "one-off application for business start-up" and "one-time online business handling". The fastest time to complete the entire approval process for starting a business can be less than one hour.

While filling out the form, the smart terminal can automatically read the personnel information and authenticate electronic licenses by sharing the electronic license data.

During the approval process, simultaneous processing can greatly enhance its efficiency, and the terminal will synchronously forward the collected information to the necessary departments of each step of business start-up. Approval results are sent to the comprehensive window in the government service center.

At present, the business start-up process can be done through automated approval, and self-service printing of business licenses and home delivery service for approval results are available as well.

Zhongshan has placed business start-up terminals in branches of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Bank of China, Bank of Communications and Rural Commercial Bank, as well as the public service centers in Torch Development Zone, Shiqi District, Xiaolan Town, Guzhen Town and Dongfeng Town. Applicants only need to go to the nearest bank branch or public service center to handle all aspects of business start-up.

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