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Group traditional wedding held for 12 couples on Qixi Festival


A theme event "Celebrating Traditional Festivals and Enjoying Ancient Charm of Xiangshan" kicked off on the morning of August 4 in Zhongshan Studio City, along with a group wedding on Qixi, Chinese lovers' festival. Twelve couples dressed in traditional Han clothing and made their declaration of love.

During the wedding, the 12 couples went through traditional wedding processes, including the worship ceremony, washing ritual, eating meat from the same bowl, drinking from the nuptial cup, binding cut hair together and ritual Yuanying letter signing (signifying a couple's affection), to experience the unique charm of traditional Chinese culture.

At the launch ceremony of the theme event, organizers announced the activity schedule.  Activities related to traditional Chinese festivals included a group wedding, the Mid-Autumn Festival "Greater Bay Area Reunion", Double-Ninth Festival themed "Good Family Traditions" activity, online activities for the Spring Festival, and more.

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