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Enjoy beautiful scenery and tasty food in Zhongshan

Summer vacation is approaching. It's a great time to take a trip full of wonder and expectations in Zhongshan and appreciate the city's beautiful scenery and taste its delicious and authentic food.

Recommended tour route in Nanlang Town and Torch Development Zone

Zhongshan Cuiheng Exit of the Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway (Nanlang Railway Station) - Tourism Area of Sun Yat-sen Hometown (Museum of Dr Sun Yat, Zhongshan Studio City and Litoujian Mountain) - Yakou Seafood Street (for lunch) - Chubang Soy Sauce Museum in Torch Development Zone, Juxiangyuan Bakery


Travel tips: Visit the Tourism Area of Sun Yat-sen Hometown, a national 5A-level scenic spot in Zhongshan, and then walk to Yang Yin's former residence, Zhongshan Studio City and Litoujian Mountain. We recommend you to try the food on Yakou Seafood Street for lunch. Freshwater crabs are in season.


Recommended tour route in South District

Zhongshan Urban Exit of the Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway - Zhan's Garden - Huzhou Mountain Villa (for lunch) - Xujing Agricultural Science Park (admire flowers and pick fruits)


Travel tips: Zhan's Garden, also known as "Suzhou Garden Zhongshan version", is famous for its filial piety culture elements. In the afternoon, you can visit Xujing Agricultural Science Park to experience fruit picking, fishing and barbecue.


Recommended tour route in Shiqi District

Zhongshan Urban Exit of the Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway (Zhongshan North Railway Station) - Central Power Plaza - Old downtown area of Zhongshan (Sunwen West Road Cultural Tourism Pedestrian Street, Zhongshan Skywheel and Qijiang River)


Travel tips: You can see many old arcade-style buildings on Sunwen West Road, which have retained the cultural charm of more than half a century ago. Ride the highest skywheel in the West Pearl River Delta - Zhongshan Skywheel in Central Power Plaza at dusk, and take a walk along the Qijiang River in the evening. This is a very relaxing trip worth experiencing.


Recommended tour route in Wuguishan District, Sanxiang Town

Zhongshan Urban Exit of the Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway - Xiaoyao Valley - Xianzong Dragon Garden (Cactus banquet for lunch) - Zhongshan Hot Spring Resort (Luosanmei Mountain and Hot Spring Garden) or Quanyan Hot Spring Resort, Quanlin Happy World - Taste sticky rice balls and local specialty dishes in Sanxiang Town (for dinner)


Travel tips: Xiaoyao Valley is great for sightseeing due to its natural geography within the Pearl River Delta. Visit the Xianzong Dragon Garden to relax yourself. For dinner, try local beancurd sticks and Sanxiang Town's local specialty sticky rice balls.


Recommended tour route in Huangpu, Fusha and Dongfeng Towns

Nantou Exit of the Guangzhou-Zhuhai West Expressway (Nantou Railway Station) - Huangpu Marine Erosion Site Park - Bao'en Temple - Purchase and taste Huangpu Preserved Meat - Climb up the mountain and admire flowers in Fuxushan Park, Fusha Town - Tianhou Temple in Dongfeng Town


Travel tips: Visit the largest marine erosion site discovered so far along coastal Guangdong areas and feel the powerful forces of nature, and then visit Bao'en Temple to feel the unique local culture. Fuxushan Park has stone steps and trails leading directly to the mountain top, along with the Buxu Pavilion, Wenchang Tower, Baoding Park and other scenic spots making it a good place to spend your summer vacation.


Recommended tour routes in Xiaolan and Dachong Towns

Xiaolan Exit of the Zhongshan-Jiangmen Expressway - Longshan Park and Yinxiu Temple in Xiaolan Town - Specialty dishes of Xiaolan Town - Zhuoqi Tourist Resort in Dachong Town


Travel tips: Xiaolan Town's fried dace fish balls are deliciously chewy. Finally, visit the Zhuoqi Tourist Resort to relieve the fatigue in a tranquil natural environment.


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