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'Henglan Waterland and Flower Field' among Guangdong's beautiful countryside routes


The winners of the second "Top 10 Beautiful Countrysides in Guangdong", "Beautiful Countryside Routes in Guangdong" and "Famous Special Villages in Guangdong" were announced recently. Zhongshan's "Henglan Waterland and Flower Field Agricultural Sightseeing Tour" was selected as a "Beautiful Countryside Route in Guangdong", and Shenxi Village in Shenwan Town was rated as a famous special industrial village in Guangdong.

There are several scenic spots along the "Henglan Waterland and Flower Field" route, including Wusha Village, Guangjun Ecological Park, Xijiang Ecological Landscape Corridor, and Henglan Flower and Tree Base. Wusha Village in particular strives to become a municipal demonstration new village based on its Lingnan water village characteristics and flower and tree industry. A number of special scenic spots including riverside ecological corridors and greenways as well as a history museum have been built in the village.

Shenxi Village in Shenwan Town relies on its famous local specialty "Shenwan Pineapples" to develop family farms. Meanwhile it carries out agricultural training to improve the yield and quality of agricultural products, and builds high-quality economic organizations for its village.

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