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Transport Information for May Day holidays

 There are about ten days left before May Day holidays. Quite a number of citizens have started to make travel plans. According to the news from Zhongshan Bus Station, Xiaolan Station and Chengdong Station, bus tickets for the May Day holiday travel will soon reach a booking summit. It is estimated that passengers traveling by bus will fall by 10% to 15 %. 

The three major bus stations have started to sell tickets in advance both in ticket windows and by Wechat on line.
The following information may help you. 

 Train tickets: 

Plenty of tickets available for travel lines to Beijing, Shanghai and Kunming.
A few tickets are available for hot journeys to Changsha, Wuhan and Qingdao. 

 Few tickets are available for journeys to Xiamen, Haikou and Qingdao. Only k297 is available for the journey to Xiamen while Class A and Class B tickets for hot journeys to Qingdao have sold out. 

Air Tickets 

 About 60% discount is available for flights from Guangzhou to Beijing, Shanghai, Kunming and Wuhan. The flight to Wuhan costs only 630 yuan at 60% discounts. The flights to Beijing and Kunming cost 860 yuan and 740 yuan at the same available 55% discount.
Flights from Guangzhou to Haikou, Qingdao and Chengdu ranges from 50% to 40% discounts, all under 1000 yuan. 

 There are few special offers for flights to coastal cities like Xiamen and Sanya. The flight from Guangzhou to Xiamen offers a 20% discount and costs 835 yuan; the flight from Guangzhou to Sanya have no discounts, 840 yuan at full rate.

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