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Appreciating flowers at weekends

Appreciating chandelier at the foot of No. 2 Zhongshan Bridge and roadside flower basins

Appreciating spathodea campanulata near Ocean City (along Changyi Road), and at roadside flower basins

Appreciating tabebuia chrysantha at Zhongshan Expo Center, Service Building till the entrance of Jinzhong Reservoir, and at the crossroad of Tiyu Road and Yintong Road

Appreciating azaleas at Sun Yat-sen Memorial Park, Arboretum, and at roadside flower basins

Appreciating common bombax flowers at Arboretum, Changjiang Road, or National Fitness Square

Appreciating bauhinia at Taiping Road, No. 4 and No. 5 Zhongshan Road

Appreciating callistemon viminalis along the riverside of Baishichong

Appreciating melastoma candidum at Bo’ai Road, Arboretum, and roadside flower basins

Appreciating oleander at Arboretum and Chengnan Road

Appreciating Chinese pink at roadside flower basins and flower bonsai in communities

Appreciating lorpetalum chindensevar.rubrum at the traffic islands and roadside flower basins

According to weather forecast, it will turn warm this weekend to as high as 23?, so it is a good time to appreciate the flowers with friends and family. The reporters have collected some tips, and the expert Aping and Yuan Guohao, Director of Comprehensive Management Office of Zhongshan Park Management Department, recommend some good places for flower appreciation. 

Bus route:
Taking bus to appreciate flowers is of low-carbon and environment-friendly. Here are some bus routes for your reference.
Sunwen Memorial Park: taking bus No. 014, 042, 213, or 216 till Sunwen Memorial Stop
Jinzhong Reservoir: taking bus No. 042 till Xin’an Village Stop, and then walking to Jinzhong Reservoir
National Fitness Square: taking bus No. 042, 213, or 216 till Xingzhong Stadium, or taking bus No. 024, 030 till National Fitness Square Stop

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