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Tanzhou Town abounds with fruits and children find enough joy in fruit picking.

One of the most featured DIY tourist projects is to help tourists make ornaments by themselves.

Performance in Jindouwan Resort arouses big laughter from the tourists.

The fifth Town Tourism Report Series started from Tanzhou Town, sponsored by Zhongshan Daily Group and Zhongshan Bureau of Tourism, promoted by Zhongshan Business Daily and Zhongshan Brach of GZL Travel Agency, exclusively named by Daishin ?Xinduhui. Over 100 Zhongshan Business Daily readers and over 20 children participated in the one-day tour. The tour route includes Italina DIY Zone, Jindouwan Resort and so on.
One-Day Leisure Tour

Route: Jinxiu International Garden (the largest residential district in Tanzhou) Club?talina DIY Zone?indouwan Resort?ingting Orchard
Station 2: Jindouwan Resort to appreciate Folk Songs

Station 3: Tingting Orchard. Guava and papaya are in season and grape will be in two month.
Tanzhou is a agricultural town with fertile land. It produces quite a number of good fruits and you will get enough joy and surprise from those orchards.

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