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Shaxi Casual Wear

Shaxi Town, locating in the western city proper of Zhongshan and covering an area of 55 square kilometers, is the ancestral hometown of overseas Chinese and famous cultural town in Pearl River Delta, the National Economy Development Demonstration Town, as well as the Central Town and Pilot Town for Science and Technology Innovation of Guangdong Province. Besides, Shaxi is also an important production base for casual wears in China and the outstanding achievements Shaxi has made in casual dress won Shaxi the consensus in the industry that Shaxi leads the fashion of casual wears in China. The town, giving birth to many national designers and more than 70 brands, owns 3 national inspection exemption products, 8 Guangdong famous products and 6 Guangdong famous trademarks. Meanwhile, the town also provides processing service for famous casual wear brands home and abroad. Around the country, there are about 5,300 Shaxi-based franchised stores. An industrial cluster effect has come into being, with a 400-hectacre industrial park, more than 200 garment supporting enterprises specializing in spinning, bleaching and dyeing, rinse, label weaving, buttons, mechanical fittings, and some professional markets related to the production and sales of garments, such as fabric market, garment machinery market, accessory market, rag market, etc.

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