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Memorial Park of Ma Yingbiao

Situated in Shachong Village in Southern District, the Memorial Park was built to pay homage to the founder of The Sincere Co. Ltd, Zhongshan-originated Ma Yingbiao. Occupying an area of 0.2 hectare, the Park was built in 2005 with the money donated by Ma’s descendants. There are three European-style architectures in the Park, including a two-story Italy-style building in the center, a three-story U.K.-style building on the left and a three-story Spain-style Sincere School on the right. At the heart of the Park lies the Memorial Hall of Mr. Ma, built in 1933 by Ma Yingbiao to memorize his father. Covering an area of 8,100 square meters, the Memorial Hall has a four-pillar stone building with three entrances and three overlapping roofs at the front gate and the Zaiming Pavilion with a single pyramid roof.

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