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Healing Cuisine丨Mom's dish: Pork with salted vegetable

Diecious food creates little joys. 

Every time I go to Sanheng's restaurant, I love to order the pork with salted vegetable. It's his specialty.

Sanheng is the third child of his family. He used to work in the urban area. As his parents are getting older and prefer to live in the village, he has quitted his job and returned hometown to start his own business. He has changed his old house into "Xiang Xing Xiao Guan" (Rural Revitalization Restaurant), whose name is inspired by the policy of "rural revitalization". 

The restaurant is next to the former residence of the famous Chinese cartoonist Fang Cheng. As Zuobu Village has become famous in recent years, a lot of tourists come here to visit the place and try the pork with salted vegetable.

It is also the favorite "mom's dish" of Sanheng. When he was a little boy, every time his mother cooked this dish, they would share it with neighborhood kids. His mother gave each child a piece of pork, and everyone ate happily.

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