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Images: Beauty around us

Walking through the countryside, the fields, the libraries... You don't have to travel far during the holidays to find something interesting and meaningful. There are beautiful things around us worth capturing.


October 5, 2022. Several children draw back their bows and shoot arrows under the rosy sky in a park. ]Photo by Zhuo Jianghua]


October 3, 2022. A mother and her daughter read books in Tanzhou Town's children's library. [Photo by Liang Weijun]


October 5, 2022. A happy family of three visits a farm in Nanlang District to enjoy the holiday. [Photo by Chen Weijun]


October 3, 2022. Children enjoy themselves under the scorching sun in an eco-tourism garden. [Photo by Chen Liwei]


October 4, 2022. Tourists stroll through the fields of Zuobu Village, Nanlang District. [Photo by Yu Bingguang]


October 4, 2022. A drone show takes place along the Qijiang River in the evening. [Photo by Liu Minghai]

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