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Images: We are all light chasers

Surprises and extraordinary things can be found everywhere in our ordinary life. As we progress, we all chase and pursue the "light" in life. Wonderful moments in life are fleeting, but images can keep them for a long time.


On August 16, the morning light is faint, and joggers run and exercise in the morning on the green path to the Hengmen waterway in Minzhong Subdistrict. [Photo by Chen Liwei]


The Yang Traditional Chinese Opera Troupe staged a special Cantonese opera show on the evening of August 19. [Photo by Liu Minghai]


On the evening of August 20, a fishing lover fished alone under Zhongshan Port Bridge. [Photo by Lin Weijian]


A barbecue party with family and friends by the river on August 20. [Photo by Yu Xingdong]


On the evening of August 17, the sunset glow picturesquely reflected on the mulberry dike-fish pond near Jinxiu Haiwan Town in Nanlang District. [Photo by Deng Jiancan]


On August 19, a disabled athlete prepared for the 9th Guangdong Games of Disabled Persons to be held in late November this year. [Photo by Jian Jianwen]

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