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Beautiful sceneries in Tianxin Forest Park

Tourists are able to look over the main peak of Wugui Mountains in the hillside of Tianxin forest park.

Vibrant bamboo forest in breeze and drizzle.

Flowers in each side of the road are blossoming to welcome the spring.

The beautiful tabebuia impetiginosa in the park.

Lysimachia candida, white and effective for detumescence, is scattering in the gross.

Being one scene of the TV series The Revolution of 1911, the road section is full of tropical flavor with chrysalidocarpus lutescens in each side.

Petals of aleurites Montana are floating in the water.

Located near Cuishan Road, the “most beautiful road in Zhongshan”, Tianxin Forest Park is not far from the former residence of Sun Yat-sen.

With rich natural resources of Wugui Mountains and Tianxin reservoir, Tianxin forest park has been the first park themed on “popular science base” and “entertainment forest” and it aims to be people’s paradise of ecology and leisure tourism and a demonstration of realizing the sustainable forest resources and coordinated development for regional economy.

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