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Inheritance of benevolence in Zeng Family


Zeng Family Ancestral hall has been announced the immovable cultural relics in Zhongshan in 2012.

Zeng Family have been spreading benevolent spirit, respecting the elderly and caring for the young.

The Stone Street in Guhen Village

Rifu Zeng Ancestral Temple

Zeng Zhuoxuan Charity Center

The former residence of Zeng Zhuoxuan

Guhen Village in Sanxiang Town has impressed visitors with beautiful landscape and antique architecture. There is a charity banner in the Stone Street, which is the symbol of benevolence and charity. Zeng Family has spread the tradition of benevolence from generation to generation. The stone monument at the gate of the villages tells the building of the street donated by Zeng Zhuoxuan, an overseas Chinese. The Zengs have been holding the spirit of doing charity, aiding education, respecting the elderly, and caring for the young, which are recorded in the stone scripts, watch towers, theater, and so on. Headed by Zeng Weilun, the person in charge of Zeng Clansmen Association, the correspondent visited the ancestral temple on Oct. 19th.

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