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[National-level] Chadong ancestral temple group of surname Chen

Located in Chadong Street of Lanbian Village in Zhongshan’s Nanlang Town, Chadong ancestral temple group includes four ancestral temples. Facing the southeast, the ancestral temple group covers a floor area of 3,100 square kilometers and a construction area of 2,430 square kilometers. The construction of the ancestral temple of surname Chen was started in late Ming Dynasty and was later rebuilt in 1694 and renovated during the reign of Emperor Yongzheng, Qianlong, and Jiaqing. The ancestral temple group preserved its style after the renovation during the reign of Emperor Guangxu. The ancestral temple group was recognized as a municipal cultural relic for protection by Zhongshan Municipal Government in 2000, a provincial cultural relic for protection by Guangdong Province in 2008, and a national one by the State Council in 2013.

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