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Enjoying kapok flowers & memorizing martyrs

 The Memorial Hall of the Former Residence of Sun Yat-sen will hold an activity of enjoying kapok flowers & memorizing martyrs from March 16th to 20th.
When spring comes in March, nature wakes after severe winter days. The kapok flowers in the former address of Yunyuan Park behind Cuiheng Village will bloom, holding back the steps of passers-by. The sturdy trunk, towering figure, bright red flowers are like the blood of a hero, which is why kapok flower is also called hero flower.

As the hometown of Dr. Sun Yat-sen, Cuiheng Village is also the home of many martyrs who had devoted their lives to the independence, democracy and prosperity of China from 1911 Revolution to War of Resistance against Japan such as Lu Haodong, Yang Yin. To memorize the revolutionaries, the Memorial Hall will hold enjoying kapok flowers and memorizing martyr activity from March 16 to 20 where you can visit the former residence of Yang Yin, a key cultural relic site under the protection of Guangdong Provincial Government, enjoy an exhibition of Yang Yin, and recall the heroic deeds in the hard time while appreciating the splendid flowers.

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