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Zhongshan releases latest national population census bulletin

Zhongshan on May 18 released the Seventh National Population Census Bulletin with detailed data of 24 towns and sub-districts, including the number of permanent residents, regional population, gender and age demographics, and education level of the population.

Zhongshan's population is still rising. The migrant population in Zhongshan increased by 869,100, with a growth of 50.66% compared with that in the sixth national population census conducted in 2010.

Also, 22 towns and sun-districts in Zhongshan saw a positive population growth. With 513,700 residents, Xiaolan Town has the largest population, accounting for 11.63% of Zhongshan's total population. In the recent 10 years, the top 5 towns in terms of population increase are Xiaolan, Tanzhou, Dongsheng, Shaxi, and Henglan.

Among permanent residents, the number of people aged 15-59 was 3,333,171, accounting for 75.44% of all residents. In 21 of the towns and sub-districts, people aged 15-59 account for over 70% of the population, while in 7 of the towns and sub-districts, the elderly population aged 65 and above account for over 7% of the population.

The average education level (in years) among Zhongshan's permanent residents aged 15 and above increased from 9.73 to 10.20, and the number of people with university education (junior college or higher) increased from 7,775 to 13,356 per 100,000 people compared with in 2010.

Experts suggest that Zhongshan should speed up the development of the service sector to introduce and develop more business types suitable for young people, especially the development of the human resource service industry. At the same time, Zhongshan should cultivate and invite more young entrepreneurs to attract more young people to work and start businesses in Zhongshan.

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