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Loving care to warm the "Shidu" families

In recent years, the "shidu family"( a family in which the parents lost their only child ) has become a social concern. From time to time, over the country, there are cases of some sad and helpless Shidu families. Once the only child in a family dies, the parents of the Shidu family not only have to suffer the blow of the loss of the child, but they are also faced with economic difficulties and have to face the problems of life after retirement, medical care, and basic life care etc.. On May 29th,which was the Member Day of the Family Planning Association, and which was at the eve of the festival, the leaders of the Municipal Health Bureau, the Municipal Family Planning Association and the officials in the family planning section in relevant districts and towns, visited some of the families with special difficulties, learned about the situation of these families, and presented them with money as a form of consolation and Zongzi, pyramid-shaped dumplings made of glutinous rice wrapped in bamboo or reed leaves for the holiday.

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