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Lotus culture tourism festival kicks off

The 2016 (Zhongshan) Lotus Culture Tourism Festival was held on the morning of Jul. 1 at the Redwood Furniture Expo Center in Dachong Town. Municipal leaders Wu Yuexia and Guo Huibing attended the opening ceremony. Ceremony for the first release of personalized "lotus affection" stamps was held on the spot.

It is learned that the activity with the theme of lotus lasts for 10 days. Lotus culture has a long history and extensive mass foundation in Zhongshan. Sun Yat-sen, pioneer of China's democratic revolution once said that "China is like lotus". 2016 marks the 150th birthday of Mr. Sun Yat-sen. The organizer highlights lotus culture to commemorate the birthday of Sun Yat-sen and to honor the "lotus spirit" put forward by him. Visitors can appreciate fresh flowers as well as lotus themed calligraphy and painting exhibition works at the Redwood Furniture Expo Center in Dachong Town.
It is introduced that all the 11 large-scale activities of the lotus culture tourism festival are free to citizens.

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