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Symphonic song King of Nanyue Kingdom to be performed on tour

CPPCC Zhongshan Municipal Committee and CPPCC Heyuan Municipal Committee organized main framers of the symphonic song King of Nanyue Kingdom including well-known musicians and Liu Chang'an, Chairman of Guangdong Musicians Association to Heyuan to collect folk song elements from Jun. 17 to 18. Qiu Shuhong, Chairman of CPPCC Zhongshan Municipal Committee, took part in the activity.

It is learned that Qu Shuhong wrote the literature manuscript of King of Nanyue Kingdom during this Spring Festival to honor the 2230th anniversary of the unification of Lingnan area by the first Emperor of Qin. After publication in the magazine Writers of China, the literary work attracted attention from literary, historical, and musical circles in Heyuan City and Longchuan County. After discussion, Heyuan Municipal Party Committee and Heyuan Municipal Government set a program and allocated funds. CPPCC Heyuan Municipal Committee joined hands with CPPCC Zhongshan Municipal Committee and Guangdong Musicians Association to turn this literary work into a multi-media symphonic song which is expected to be performed on tour this year in Heyuan, Longchuan, Guangzhou, the hometown of Zhao Tuo, and Zhengding in Shijiazhuang.

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