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Rice field concert held in Zhongshan's Zuobu Village

The two-day 2023 Greater Bay Area (Zhongshan · Zuobu) Rice Field Concert, part of the Golden Earth Concert series, opened in Zuobu Village, Nanlang District on the morning of November 25.


The opening ceremony commenced with the magnificent Guzheng performance Flourishing Age played by a hundred Chinese zither players.

Singer Wei Huan performed the original song Embrace Cuiheng at the concert. This year, Zhongshan singer-songwriter Li Baotao joined hands with Shenzhen music producer He Liang and other music talents to create Embrace Cuiheng, which presents the charm and vitality of Sun Yat-sen the great man's hometown and sings an infinity of possible of this new town in the Greater Bay Area.

There were various areas for talent shows, study tours, fun games, art exhibitions, food and ecological farm markets, in addition to firework and lighting shows. Visitors were able to enjoy music, fireworks, delicious food and games and even showcase their talents on stage.


The rice field concert attracted over 40,000 visitors, and over 2 million viewers watched the music extravaganza through live streaming.

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