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2023 Xiaolan Chrysanthemum Fair opens


The 2023 Xiaolan Chrysanthemum Fair will be held at the Xiaolan Chrysanthemum Garden from November 23 to December 11.

Eight exhibition zones are set up, including the Chrysanthemum Art Landscape zone, the Famous Chrysanthemums zone, the Sea of Flowers, a cultural performance zone, a culture exhibition zone, a food court, a creative market, and a recreation and entertainment zone.

The Chrysanthemum Art Landscape zone is divided into four sections, with the themes Beautiful Xiaolan, Rural Revitalization, Urban Civilization and Green Homeland respectively, featuring a total of 21 sets of chrysanthemum-made landscapes.


The Famous Chrysanthemums zone spans a length of 250 meters, displaying over 800 varieties of exquisite chrysanthemums.


At the cultural performance zone, more than 20 cultural shows will be organized, including eight Golden Earth Concerts and bonfire parties.

The culture exhibition zone will present about 4,000 works of art created by 1,000 teachers and students from 54 primary and secondary schools and kindergartens in Xiaolan Town.

The food court boasts a collection of popular specialty foods, with special focus on cuisine unique to Zhongshan and Xiaolan.

The creative market introduces the "Gifts from Chrysanthemum City" series of culture and tourism products, featuring edible chrysanthemums, chrysanthemum wine, Crisp Grass Carp and other local souvenirs.

The recreation and entertainment zone includes a trendy car trunk activity area, with camping sales, car trunk sales and other new forms of consumption.

For this year, ticket prices for the fair will be 20 yuan from Monday to Friday and 30 yuan from Saturday to Sunday. In addition to on-site ticket office, visitors can also purchase tickets online through Wechat accounts "小榄菊花会" and "菊城假期" and Wechat applet "JC懒出行".

The Xiaolan Chrysanthemum Garden has a large parking lot for approximately 1,000 vehicles. In addition, three bus routes directly to the Xiaolan Chrysanthemum Garden have been set up at the railway Xiaolan Station, Parkway Plaza and Gate North One of the Jianhua Garden residential community.

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