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Immersive tour in ZS of consular officers

Consul generals and consular officers of 14 countries in Guangzhou visited Zhongshan for the "2023 Tour for the Consular Corps in Zhongshan" activity and attended the 2023 Zhongshan Global Investment Promotion Conferences and the 10th Top Talent Networking event on March 30, where they learned about the investment and business environment of Zhongshan city and inspected its characteristic rosewood furniture and agarwood industries.


At Yuanyi Agarwood Discovery Center in Wuguishan District, the staff introduced the applications of agarwood products and invited the consular officers to smell agarwood and taste tea. At China (Dachong) Rosewood Furniture Culture Expo Center, the visitors had a deep experience of Zhongshan's rosewood industry.

Hernan Vargas Martin, Consul General of Colombia in Guangzhou, said Zhongshan, the hometown of Dr. Sun Yat-sen, had profound historical and cultural heritage. Through this trip, the visitors had experienced the vitality of Zhongshan as a hub city in the Greater Bay Area and got a taste of its cultural charm. They looked forward to more opportunities to learn about Zhongshan in the future.


▲The guests experience the scent of incense at Yuanyi Agarwood Discovery Center.


▲Judyth Nsababera, Consul General of Uganda in Guangzhou, smells the unique scent of an agarwood collection.


▲The guests marvel at the exquisite skills of rosewood craftsmen.


▲The guests watch the creation of art by a Zhongshan craftsman.


▲A Zhongshan Daily reporter explains the rules of Chinese chess to the Ugandan consul general (middle).


▲The face-changing performer interacts with the guests joyfully.


▲Seeing an exquisite wood carving collection at China (Dachong) Rosewood Furniture Culture Expo Center, Colombian consul general Hernan Vargas Martin says he also has a pair of small ornaments featuring Chinese lions at home.


▲Angel Lwatula, Acting Consul General of Zambia in Guangzhou, saw a rosewood product from Zambia at China (Dachong) Rosewood Furniture Culture Expo Center.


▲Harisharan Pudasaini, Consul General of Nepal in Guangzhou, writes down his wish for peace and prosperity on a board.

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