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Descendants of American Chinese donate objects, materials to Zhongshan Museum of Overseas Chinese


Zhongshan Museum of Overseas Chinese recently received a batch of objects and materials donated by the Joe Shoong family in California, the US.

The new Zhongshan Museum (Zhongshan Museum of Overseas Chinese) opened last year and has drawn great attention from overseas Chinese from Zhongshan. To promote studies on the history of entrepreneurship and development of overseas Chinese from Zhongshan, the Joe Shoong family donated some artworks and physical materials to the museum, including portrait paintings, the family tree of Joe Shoong, and a plaque commemorating the birthday of National Dollar Stores.

Joe Shoong was born as Zhou Song in Longtouhuan (Long Tau Wan) Village in Zhongshan's Shaxi Town. He emigrated to the US in his early years to start his own business, and founded China Toggery (called Chung Hing and National Dollar Stores later). Also a well-known overseas Chinese entrepreneur and philanthropist from Zhongshan, he devoted himself to charity and education, and started Joe Shoong School (now named Longtouhuan Joe Shoong School) in his hometown.

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