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Zhongshan Charity Parade 2023 held

Zhongshan Charity Parade 2023 was held as scheduled on the morning of February 5.

A total of 15,000 people joined this year's parade. Over 200 parade teams and over 20 performance teams, made up of Zhongshan's residents and people from all walks of life, started from Xingzhong Avenue. They formed a torrential tide of love together with those along the road to show the spirit of Zhongshan people forging ahead with fortitude.

Zhongshan Charity Parade 2023 raised a total of 132 million yuan in cash and supplies. The raised fund will be used for the construction of Zhongshan No.2 Special Education School, rescue, disaster relief, humanitarian aid, as well as other charity programs in Zhongshan.

Zhongshan Charity Parade held its fisrt session in 1988 and it has raised a total of over 1.8 billion yuan for charity.


Zhongshan Charity Parade 2023 was held on the morning of February 5.


People watching the parade with relish.


A Changzhou Drunken Dragon Dance show. 


The representatives of caring people handed over a check for charity donations.


Molebogeng, a foreign teacher from South Africa, was delighted to join the parade.

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