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Ecological resources condition can be checked with mobile phone
??The “Zhongshan National Forest City Eco-label Design Scheme” passed the experts review during the appraisal meeting organized by Zhongshan Forest City Establishment Office and Zhongshan Forestry Bureau on the morning of July 13 at the conference room of Zhongshan Arboretum.
??Reportedly, since late 2017, Zhongshan has proposed eco-label construction in wetland parks, forest parks and urban parks, green paths in main areas, recreation exercise sites and major roads in order to improve the construction level of the establishment of forest city. Zhongnan Forestry Investigation and Planning Designing Institute was entrusted to prepare the preliminary scheme.
??In future, people are allowed to look up ecological resources and related cultural attributes and historical value with mobile phone through maps or eco-labels on the road no matter where they are in Zhongshan.
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