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The first ‘Intelligent Manufactured in Zhongshan’ hydrogen coach debuts
??The first hydrogen-powered coach, which is manufactured by Guangdong Xiaolan Bus Co Ltd, made debut on May 9 at The EV Expo Guangzhou China cum 2018 Global Electric Vehicle Leadership Summit.
??Manager Chen Zhouqi introduced that the coach was fully developed in Zhongshan from R&D to production. It is also the first hydrogen coach “Intelligent Manufactured in Zhongshan”.
??“Unlike traditional bus, the coach consumes hydrogen and emits water. It is able to carry 76 passengers and travel up to 400 km on ten minutes’ hydrogen charging”, Chen Zhouqi says, “It is a zero emission product only outputting electricity, water and heat, and with zero pollution and low noise. ”
??Reportedly, Xiaolan Bus plans to gradually promote hydrogen-powered bus starting with building a demonstration route with Zhongshan Public Transportation Group. The company has also reached a strategic cooperation with a Canadian hydrogen fuel company, hoping to advance local production of hydrogen cell in Zhongshan after the mass production of hydrogen coaches.
??Chen Zhouqi adds that the company will invest a total of 5 billion yuan on a new factory in Banfu town, which can manufacture 10,000 new energy coaches and special vehicles per year after completion.
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