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ZS Luo & Liang Lion Dance makes debut in charity parade


On February 5, folk performance teams from across Zhongshan displayed their splendor at Zhongshan Charity Parade 2023. The Zhongshan Luo & Liang Lion Dance team, which debuted this year after becoming a city-level intangible cultural heritage item of Zhongshan, organized a performance team of nearly 100 members.

Zhongshan Luo & Liang Lion Dance is a century-old school of South Lion Dance. With the strong charm of traditional culture, its core technique - "72-trade Formation Breaking" summarizes the features of formation deployment in various industries and the methods of formation breaking.

Liang Xiying, the fourth-generation inheritor of Zhongshan Luo & Liang Lion Dance, followed his senior fellow apprentices into the 1st Zhongshan Charity Parade. Aside from him, other participants this year included dozens of fifth-generation performers from Torch Development Zone No. 5 Primary School, Gangyuan School and other traning bases.

Liang Weilong, chairman of the Hong Kong Luo & Liang Sports Association; and Pan Zhongjun, a Luo & Liang Lion Dance master from Macao, are both over 70 years old. They were delighted to see such a strong fifth-generation team in Zhongshan, and provided them with instructions on the site. "Zhongshan Charity Parade has created a huge stage for the three generations of inheritors in the Greater Bay Area. We hope Luo & Liang Lion Dance can continue to flourish."

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