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Descents of Dragon

Mr. Liang is correcting mistakes made by the kids.

Eevery Wednesday and Friday, on the playground in Shalang Primary School in the West District, there is always a group of kids performing lion dance, rhythmically moving the legs, heads and waists over and over again to practise the familiar traditional routines of lions.

According to Mr. Liang Xiying, the couch of the Long-Lion Dance class in Shalang Primary School in the West District, who is also the vice-chairman of Long-Lion Dance Association in Shiqi District, and the coach of Luo Liang Dancing Lion Group, the Long dance and lion dance are games like basketball and football, but in schools, the courses of long-lion dance skills were less popular than those of the latter. Mr. Liang Xiying has always been pursuing the popularization of Long-Lion Dance in class as a general sport so that Zhongshan, a city with the tradition of Long-Lion Dance, can live up to the expectation.

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