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The First Nanlang Piaose Culture Tourism Festival kicks off

The First Nanlang Piaose Culture Tourism Festival kicked off on the morning of May 30. Teams from villages in Nanlang moved on with drums, gongs, and colored flags. Hou Yibin, member of the standing committee of Zhongshan Party Committee and Party Secretary of Torch Development Zone, announced the start of the Piaose parade at 10:30 am.

The culture and tourism festival focusing on the theme of "Appreciation of Piaose and lotus flower, trying lychee and seafood" includes 10 major cultural activities. At the east side of Guangzhou-Zhuhai Intercity Rail is the 1, 000 mu Yakou Wetland Park with an investment of 4 million Yuan. According to the plan, the wetland park is reserved for wild birds, and can also function as a base for popular science education, leisure activities, and research. It will open to public in next June.

The 5th “Philanthropy 100" initiated, 5 million Yuan launched encouraging participation. After a press briefing on the morning of May 27, the 5th "Philanthropy 100" Venture Philanthropy was officially started. The venture philanthropy has 8 sections with a total investment of 5.5545 million Yuan. The activity is expected to encourage social organizations and public welfare organizations to solve difficult social problems and to care people's livelihood.
"Philanthropy 100" provides "seed capital" for public welfare organizations and individuals to discover social needs so as to solve social problems.

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