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Dragon boat races on the way

Dragon Boat Park has passed inspection recently and is now open to the public.

The banks along Qijiang River near the grand stand of Dragon Boat Park were seen hanging banners, heralding a dragon boat racing on the way. As part of the Qijiang River Renovation Project, Dragon Boat Park, as well as the Southern Riverside Scenic Area, has recently accomplished its construction, just in time for the opening of the impending dragon boat racing. Both projects are located in its southern bank, running 3400 meters from Yuanfeng Bridge to Dongming Bridge. The Dragon Boat Park features landscapes themed on dragon boat. The grand stand, as long as 160 meters, has first floor built as a long corridor to promote culture and second floor as a stand to appreciate races. The symmetric stand has 225 seats on each side, allowing 450 people to appreciate the races at the same time.

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