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Newly weds lined up at 4 a.m. to register marriage


The day of May 20 is a Valentine’s Day brought by IT development, also considered a day for romantic relationship. Yesterday morning, newly-weds lined up long outside Zhongshan Marriage Registration Center long before the office hours. The reporter came to the center at 8 o’clock yesterday morning and saw over 200 pairs of newly-weds waiting there with sweet smiles on their face whose families and friends were standing aside holding bouquets of flowers. They went to get their number one after another when the office hours began at half past eight. Those who had a reservation in advance got the numbers and went through their formality while those without reservations were disappointed but still hoped for an special favor from the office workers though they were told many times not to wait in vain.

None of them wanted to miss this good day. So they remained there asking for exceptional service. The staff there with the help of many social workers opened all the ten service windows so that the newly-weds could receive their marriage certificates sooner.

“We were scheduled to have a day off today but we all have returned to work. Generally there are tens of pairs coming for registration each day, but today we have two hundred,” a worker there said. Quite a number of newly-weds were moved to tears when saying, “I am so excited that I am married today. Marriage means more responsibility.”

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