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ZS marks 180th anniversary of Zheng Guanying's birth


This year marks the 180th anniversary of the birth of Zheng Guanying, a famous reformist and industrialist of modern times. On July 24, the "Zheng Guanying's Lifetime Achievements Exhibition" was unveiled at the Museum of Zheng Guanying, marking the start of the activity seriesto commemorate the 180th anniversary of his birth.

The exhibition consists of seven parts: "Zheng's Family in Yongmo Village", "From Comprador to Industrialist", "Saving the Nation", "Words of Warning in Times of Prosperity", "Proposals for Managing State Affairs", "Making Friends" and "Lasting Memory". His lifetime achievements are presented in chronological order with the utilization of audio and videos among other multimedia formats.

The commemorative activity series would last for two days. Activities included a seminar with the theme of "Zheng Guanying and China's Modernization", a academic forum on the book "Oral History of Zheng Guanying", the "Zheng Guanying's Lifetime Achievements Exhibition" and a touring activity in Yongmo Village and the former residence of Zheng Guanying. Experts and scholars from around the world were invited.

On July 23, the Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition for the 180th Anniversary of Zheng Guanying's Birth opened at Life Cultural Park of Wumu House, lasting until August 3.

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