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Photo exhibition held to present overseas Chinese history of Sunwen West Road


A photo exhibition opened at the second office area of the Zhongshan People's Government on July 5 to present the history and overseas Chinese-related stories of Sunwen West Road, a century-old street in Zhongshan.

The exhibition consists of four parts:

Part I: East to West. This section introduces changes in food, clothing, housing, and transportation in Zhongshan over the past hundred years from the original reliance on the importation of foreign goods to today's use of goods made in China, and evolving social customs.

Part II: Saving the People to Saving the Country. This section introduces the stories of Sun Yat-sen's abandonment of his medical career to focus on saving the country. Overseas Chinese actively responded to Sun Yat-sen's undertakings to save the country by engaging in industry and extensively participated in the development of China's general merchandise, manufacturing, financial, transportation and other fields.

Part III: Expanding Love. This section introduces the fine traditions of overseas Chinese and compatriots from Hong Kong and Macao who love their hometown and make charity donations for their hometown and country.

Part IV: Entering a New Era. This section introduces a new chapter in the development of Sunwen West Road to build new business formats, and its many national and provincial honors as a historical, cultural, tourist area.

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