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Introduce Zhongshan to Spanish-speaking countries and regions


After seven years of translation and revision, "Padre & Hijo: Las memorias de un chino en Cuba y la trayectoria de sus cartas familiares" (Father & Son: The Memoir of a Chinese in Cuba and the Trajectory of His Family Letters) written by Huang Zhuocai, a professor of Chinese Department of Jinan University, also winner of the 2nd Overseas Chinese Zhongshan Literature Awards, was recently publishedin Spanish by the Press of University of Zaragoza, translated by Zhang Tianci.

"Zhongshan is my second hometown. Twenty-six of my father's forty-four family letters were sent to Zhongshan, because I was teaching here at that time. The stories behind the letters also contain lots of descriptions about Zhongshan. Through this book, I also introduce local conditions and customs of many places in Zhongshan including Shiqi District, Tsuihang New District, Tanzhou Town and Huangpu Town to the world." Huang Zhuocai said that he hopes this book will spread the Zhongshan's history to Spanish-speaking readers.

Fernando Wong, Huang Zhuocai's father, was one of the leaders of the Chinese community in Cuba during his lifetime. This book records the "Guang Fu Yin Xin" (literally 'Canton Silver Letter') sent by Fernando Wong to his family from Sagua la Grande in Cuba and their stories during the period from 1952 to 1975.

Note: "Guang Fu Yin Xin", also known as "Qiao Pi", refers to a special mail transfer carrier combining remittance and family letter that overseas Chinese sent back to China through non-government organizations or waterway passengers.

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