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Re-playing moving stories of Zhongshan over past 70 years


On the afternoon of August 23, the "Flying Songs on Earth -- The Witness of Zhongshan over the Past 70 Years" sharing session, one of the activities of the 12th Zhongshan Book Fair, was held at Fandeng Bookstore.

In the book "Flying Songs on Earth -- The Witness of Zhongshan over the Past 70 Years", 18 authors recorded unforgettable stories in the last 70 years that took place in Zhongshan in affectionate tones.

At the sharing session, some of these authors shared stories about the construction of the Changjiang Reservoir, the glorious history of the Shiqi Bicycle Factory, the bitter past behind the successes of Zhongshan athletes Jiang Jialiang and Su Bingtian, and etc.

Chen Jiangmei, director of the editorial board of the book and chairman of the Zhongshan Literature and Arts Association, explained that the book uses documentary literature and co-authored articles and digs deeply into Zhongshan's innovative and pioneering urban spirits over the past 70 years. It tells Zhongshan's stories, shows Zhongshan's elegant demeanor, and shapes Zhongshan's image through literature and art.

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